huda beauty desert dusk review

The shades aren't totally dissimilar to the Rose Gold palette. In fact, side by side, they almost look like they could all be from one big palette. Shades like Suede (RG) and Musk (DD), Maneater (RG) and Saffron (DD), Coco (RG) and Oud (DD) were similar enough that, if I was buying individual shadows, I probably wouldn't buy both shadows in each pair. The shade Angelic also appears in both palettes. 

fenty beauty review / the day mama rihanna blessed my face

It has been less than two weeks since mama Rihanna blessed us with her brand new makeup line, Fenty Beauty, and the makeup world is on fire. Everything about this collection is beautiful - from the packaging to the shades she chose. She totally nailed her pre-launch marketing by dropping teasers as early as June [...]