my 2017 makeup highlights …and lowlights

Every year I find myself feeling the same way: how has another year come to a close without me even realising?

And since every year seems to fly by faster, in order to remind myself that I didn’t just miss an entire year, I spend some time reflecting.

Part of this reflection, for me, included a slow scroll through the best way I know how to record things – my Instagram feed. And so I present to you, in a totally self-serving and self-indulgent sort of a way, my very own highlights and lowlights of 2017.

Sugar Cube Co: Sugar Scrubs

You guys knew this had to be on here. I received this for Christmas in 2016 and it totally blew my mind. Sugar Cube Co is a small, Christchurch business run by two hard working girls (Bex and Kath) collectively known as the “Sugar Cube Co Girls” and they have poured so much love into this product that you can’t help but love it too. 2017 was also the year that I tentatively dipped my toes into the world of fake tanning and found their Sugar Scrubs to be the best thing to accompany it. You can scrub literally right before you tan, there’s no need to wait 24 hours, and it gives you the smoothest application. I’ve written a more in depth blog post about sugar scrubs and how they’re better for your skin than other scrubs and you can see that here.

Coincidentally, they have given me a code to give you guys 15% off (it’s MICHE) but just remember that I fell in love with the brand before we started working together so you know it’s real.

Goodness Products

Oh my Goodness, do I love this stuff and so do all of the clients I’ve recommended it to. Most of us have spent our whole lives being told to strip oil from our skin because oil is bad and will cause acne and as a result we have stressed out, frazzled skin that’s screaming out for some TLC (that’s tender, loving chia). I started using Goodness in May and I honestly haven’t looked back. I have had some hormonal issues which have led to me supplementing my skincare regime with a very gentle acne fighting product however I still use Goodness to remove my makeup, pre-cleanse in the shower and moisturise. The packaging is goals, Goodness is cruelty free, and the whole range is cheap as chips from the supermarket. Honestly, what more could you want?

Huda Beauty: Mauve Obsessions

We all know I was a big fan of the Rose Gold palette in 2016 but I can tell you, hand on heart, that this palette is her best work yet. So creamy, so blendable, so pigmented. It may be half the size but it beats out Desert Dusk for a spot in my list as every single shade is bang on point.

Essie: Gel Couture range

I didn’t think I could love Essie any more than I already did, and then Gel Couture came to New Zealand. Honestly, what a formula. I found that with the old Essie polishes, I could get up to two weeks withoutย muchย chipping or wear and tear. With these, I get next to none. Even on my weird index finger that I apparently hit the keyboard too aggressively with as it splits and peels in a way that none of my other fingernails do. A couple of coats of Gel Couture and those splits and peels are sealed in and protected and it doesn’t chip at all.

Pretty in pink ๐Ÿ’•

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Colourpop: eyeshadow palettes

Holy moly, what a game changer. I am genuinely amazed that they can produce palettes of this quality for such a low price. I broke my no-neutral-palettes rule because I just knew I needed one of these for my every day palette. They blend out so beautifully and smoothly and they’re so pigmented and vivid. I am well and truly shook.

And now it’s time for the lowlights… the products that I will be quite happily leaving behind in 2017. Au revoir. Peace out.

Kylie Cosmetics: Royal Peach palette

I only bought this out of curiosity and… wow. The Royal Peach palette was such a disappointment I actually gave it away. First of all, it absolutelyย reekedย of an acrid chemical glue smell. It was chalky, hard to blend and had more fall out than Paramore in 2010. Goodbye and good riddance. You can see my full, honest review here.

Too Faced: Natural Love palette

I will write a separate blog post on the reasons why, but 2017 was the year I realised I had fallen out of love with Too Faced. This palette had such promise. And it delivered on none of that promise. You can see my full review here.

Fenty Beauty: Pro Filt’r Foundation

Again, I wrote a proper blog post about this discusses my full thoughts on this product and you can read that here. While there were some features that, for me, were a hit, there were just too many misses that I find myself unable to wear it. Mostly the fact that it simply would not stay around my nose, no matter what primer or application tool, or even setting powder or spray I used. I know there are some people that really love this product but it’s not for me.


And that concludes my year in makeup products – I would love to hear your thoughts on what products were hits and misses for you this year so leave me a comment below or message me on Instagram.

I hope you all have an amazing New Years and a wonderful start to your 2018 xx


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