why you should never hit on the waitress

Never hit on the waitressRecently, I had an uncomfortable situation where a man who had spoken to me briefly at the gym took a bit of a fancy to me. He clearly hadn’t realised that, as the front desk girl, I was being paid to be nice to him. I said no, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer and I had to shut him down. But it got me thinking… almost every girl who has ever worked in customer service has stories like these.

So to the dude who’s wondering if he should ask out that cute barista, this one’s for you.

The Performance Review – Nicole

I worked at a shop in an outdoor mall and one of the regular customers asked me out for “a coffee or a drink”. I politely declined as I had a boyfriend. However, after I had finished my shift (at least a few hours later) I left my store and found he was sitting outside waiting for me. I assumed he was gonna try again but instead, he approached me and asked me how he did, like for a bloody performance review on him hitting on me! He was saying things like “I’m not someone who does this often, is there anything I could change? Did I do okay? If you were single, would you have said yes?”

The Leopard Print Body Double – Jaz

I worked in a lingerie store and this guy came in saying he was buying something for his girlfriend. He looked me up and down and said “you look about the same size as her, can you try it on for me?” and he wasn’t even kidding. It was underwear (which we don’t even let people try on!) and a bra and a silky robe, all in matching leopard print. Real classy guy.

The Facebook Stalker– Priya

I used to work on the checkout at a supermarket and this guy who came in pretty regularly had been sending me messages on Facebook, but he never added me as a friend so I didn’t see them. Then when he did add me, I accepted it and immediately saw this huge list of previous messages he had sent me over a period of months telling me how pretty he thought I was when he saw me as he walked past my store. That was super fucking creepy.

Pushing Fifty – Emma

When I was twenty I worked in a book shop. This guy who was easily pushing fifty came in for a subscription and on the way out bought a newspaper from me. Then he says “how about your phone number, love? Then we can get together and I can teach you how to do things”. He was literally old enough to be my father, so gross.

The Worst Bar Patrons – Cat

I worked in a bar and I had a super creepy dude ask me to suck his thumb, part of which was missing. The worst one was when a fat Irish guy offered me five pounds to have sex with him behind a tree and tried the line “don’t worry, it won’t last long!” …this is why I don’t work as a barmaid anymore.

Not Your Good Girl – Elspeth

I work in a shoe shop and I was serving a male customer and he grabbed a shoe horn and told me to “bend over like a good girl”…

Excited To Meet You! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 – Charlotte

Okay, so when I first started working as a personal trainer, I was getting ready for my first session with a new client I hadn’t met before. Because I’d been texting him to arrange the session I knew he was a traveller and English wasn’t his first language, which is why I assumed that’s why he said how excited he was to meet me and put like, five smiley faces on each message. When I was at reception waiting for him to arrive, the receptionist told me he was really excited he had a girl trainer. I didn’t think much of it, then I get a big wave from a blonde guy and I sit down he goes “hey! This is for you!” and gives me a whole block of chocolate! I tried to push it back but he insisted and put it inside my folder. Then when we were out on the gym floor, every time I tried to put him on a machine or show him an exercise he’d try to find a way to turn what I was saying into something super hilarious so he’d have to curl over and laugh and touch my arm. Then he tried to ask me to hang out with him on the weekend so I had to cut the session short. He’d thought the session was a date! I felt so angry, he wasn’t taking me seriously as a professional – it was like he was turning my job into a joke.

Sixth Time Lucky – Georgie
There was this one guy who worked at a store near the mall I worked at, who on one particular day wandered slowly through my store to the supermarket and back about six times throughout the day, each time trying to make small talk. Back and forth, back and forth. Eventually, he plucked up the courage to actually ask for my number, to which I had to reply I was in a relationship. It was very awkward and whenever I saw him for months after that day he would immediately look away and shuffle off as fast as he could.

Here We Go Again – Holly

I work in a video game store so it brings a special breed of males at times… due to the nature of the clientele, I suppose. Awkward, and often socially inept. There was this guy who would always come in and talk to me. Eventually, he found me on Facebook and tried to add me. He messaged me a lot, so I told him I had a boyfriend and he went all “woe is me, all the good ones are taken”. Thankfully, after that, he stopped coming in. But then a year or so later I saw him at the shops and I waved and said hello, because I am a nice person, and when I got home he had added me on Facebook again and the flood of messages started all over again.

If you guys have any more funny stories feel free to pop them down in the comment section – the more the merrier!

5 thoughts on “why you should never hit on the waitress

  1. I worked as a cashier in a grocery store and I have 2 very disturbing stories. The first one is when a guy, saw me at work and I noticed him staring at me. Later after my shift, probably about 4 hours, as I was about to leave he comes up to me and says, “can I get your number.” I politely decline and try to walk away towards my car. Keep in mind it is really dark out and I just want to get to my car. Not taking no for an answer, he grabs my phone and puts his number in my contacts and then walks away saying “by the way. You’re hot.” After a few weeks when I don’t text him, he comes in and says “Why haven’t you texted me yet? I gave you my number.”

    The second time, a guy who must have been 25, (I was 16 at the time) keep checking me out while I was ringing his groceries in, he then wrote his number down on the back of a payroll earning statement and hands it to me. Thinking it’s his grocery list, cause people often do that, I throw it in the trash. I glance at the trash while he is walking away and notice it’s his number. I felt extremely bad, but still kind of creeped out because he had to have been mid twenties.


  2. In once had a guy find me on Facebook (saw my name on my work pass) saying he saw me in the shop and thought I was pretty. Was so creeped out by that!…. scary!


  3. I literally had a customer grab my butt. I was working on the floor in a nightclub. We were having a neon party so the staff got to dress up. I was wearing an apron over my clothing to protect it, I’m not talking a half apron, this apron pretty much covered my whole dress, not to mention the huge logo on the front of it. Safe to say security was notified and he was promptly removed from the venue. By far one of my worst experiences as a hospo worker.


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