flatlays part 4: best props for flatlays

Flatlay props Props are, quite possibly, the most important thing in your flatlay – equally as important as the feature. Props are what give your photo personality and life, they’re what makes the photo yours.
I personally think that props are the difference between an average flatlay and a great flatlay. With props, you have a “styled image” – without, you just have a picture of a thing.

Flatlay props roses

I have three boxes of props and I’m forever putting stuff aside that I think will look nice in a picture – notebooks, jewellery, foil wrapped chocolates, stuff like that. I just pick out whatever I think goes with my theme and away I go.

There are a few staple items that appear in pretty much all of my flatlays – the first is a bunch of fresh flowers. I buy myself flowers every week, the colour gives a sense of continuity to my feed without being too samey and it’s a nice way to treat myself. I won’t use fake flowers or plants unless I can absolutely help it because I just hate how childlike and plastic they look.

Best props for flatlaysAs for my all time favourite/most used props, number one would definitely be my heart-shaped wire fairy lights to add some warmth. Closely followed by my fake reading glasses if there is a book or a magazine in the picture and since I’m usually drinking one while I’m taking photos, I often use black coffee in a plain white mug (although I do often need to refill halfway through taking photos…).

Best props for flatlays I try to make the props that I’m using relevant to the theme of my photos. Like when I got my Too Faced Sweet Peach palette I used real peaches as props.
Props are where you can really let your creativity run wild – have fun with it! And when in doubt, use fairy lights and flowers. With those two, you can’t lose.

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