flatlays part 1: inspiration

flatlay photography inspirationIt’s no secret that I love a good flatlay. If you’ve ever been on my Instagram before, you’ll already know.
But when you’re trying to post daily, it can be really hard to keep coming up with good content. I definitely don’t want all my photos to look identical. If every post looked the same but with different products, it would be boring.

Sometimes inspiration comes from the product I’m shooting – I might do a colour theme to match the packaging, for example – and sometimes the inspiration comes from my props.

Flatlay photography inspiration I like to use magazines as props because A) I love magazines and B) I can style my image around the colours on the page. So, say I’ve just picked up the latest issue of my favourite mag. I’d use props that match the colour, then just see where my imagination takes me.
Inspiration can also come from other Instagrammer’s flatlays – I love scrolling through my feed and bookmarking pictures I particularly like. Some of my favourite flatlayers are Phoebe SoupAnna RemarchukKiara KingStacey White and Laura Mills.

If I’m really stuck, I’ll look to Pinterest. Obviously, I don’t recreate the picture exactly, but I think about what it is that I like about the picture – is it the colours? Is it the backdrop? Is it the way they’ve spaced everything out?

Once you’ve figured out what you like about it, you can incorporate that feature into your own image. For example, if I like the way someone has laid out their clothes, I might do the same style but with my own fashion sense. Make sure that you know the difference between taking inspiration and copying – nobody likes a copycat.

There are lots of places to find inspiration, what are some of yours? I’d love to know in the comment section.

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