toofaced natural love palette review

Well, New Zealand, the Too Faced Natural Love palette is here. After all the hype, I’m honestly a little disappointed. There are 30 shades, but when I look at this palette I don’t feel inspired to create.
I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but Too Faced uses a tried and true marketing scheme for all their new products. They start by posting elusive “sneak peeks” of the product, usually zoomed in or cropped, with no other info. This sparks interest and gets the ‘grammers tagging each other and making guesses about what it is. The closer we get to the release date, the more bite-sized pieces of information about the new product we get. By the time the product is on sale, there has been so much hype circulated that there is a mad rush to get it before it sells out. It’s really quite clever. They use our curiosity and our fear of missing out against us.

We started being drip fed sneaky peeks by Too Faced’s founder, Jarred Blandino, in about December of 2016. I knew, straight away, that I needed it. I don’t know if it was the cute, storybook illustration packaging or the shimmery pinks and nudes – but something about that palette was screaming “BUY ME!”

It’s not a cheap palette, at NZ$95, but with 30 eyeshadows and the looming FOMO (damn limited edition!) I justified it to myself and snapped it up. I ordered mine from Mecca with free express shipping and it came in 3 days. Gift wrapping was free so, naturally, I got that shit gift wrapped with a love note to myself.

A lot of people have been talking about the poor quality of the eyeshadows and I have to say, I don’t agree. I think the quality is fine – it’s not overwhelmingly good, but it’s pretty good. I would never use eyeshadow without a primer, so I don’t judge shadows on how they fare without it. There is a lot of fall out with some of the shimmers so I always have to wipe down my cheek and undereye area.

I also don’t have an issue with the fact that 13 of the 30 eyeshadows exist in other Too Faced palettes. I usually use one palette for an entire look, so it’s nice to have everything in one place.

For me, it’s the finish selection. There are an overbearing amount of shimmer or glittery finish shades and very few mattes. This makes coming up with a pretty look quite limiting as your only matte crease options are taupe, chocolate brown or black. I would say it has an even distribution of lights to darks, but most of the dark shades are too shimmery to put in your crease. It is a “natural” palette but with such beautiful pinks and lavenders and I would have liked perhaps some blush toned mattes to go along with it.

I think that for an everyday palette, perhaps for a beginner, this is fantastic. I could imagine a teenage girl receiving this for her birthday and being proud as punch, showing all her friends, and using it every day until she hits pan on every shade. But it’s probably not worth NZ$95. I’ll still use it as I really love some of the shades, but I’ll have to use another palette to bring colour and drama into my crease. I think it’s a shame, a couple of peach or blush or purple matte shades would have made this palette a total winner for me.

As always, this is entirely my own opinion and I do not represent anyone or anything. I paid full price for this product and everything I have written here I believe to be true.

9 thoughts on “toofaced natural love palette review

    1. Thank you Ellie! Yeah it’s a shame for it to be let down by a few tiny details, such a lovely palette in itself but when it comes to using it I find it hard to feel inspired

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  1. I love your honest review, Michelle. Thank you for that.
    I saw this palette in real life on Sunday. And as you say, because of all the sneak peeks and hype on IG I thought I had to have it. But when I saw that there are so many glittery and shimmery shades and only about 4 or 5 matte shades…I was like: No, I can’t really work with that.
    Lots of love, Desi (stunnydesi_loves onIG)


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