thoughts on affectation and social media identity 

I have a confession to make: I’m a fraud. I don’t actually have beautiful marble surfaces in my house, I don’t wear that much makeup every day, I don’t keep my jewellery and handbags artfully strewn around in well-lit areas, I also don’t really burn candles or write in notebooks. Nor do I wear reading glasses.

And yet a quick scroll down my instagram feed will tell you that I am that person, that girl that wears gold rings and bangles and beaded handbags and drinks black coffee. Which is, to be totally honest with you, fucking awesome.

I’m pretending, but then I’m also not pretending at the same time. Similar to the way you can photograph your face from certain angles to show the best of you (my good side is the right one, by the way) you can choose which parts of your life you want to share with the rest of the world. Your social media identity can be whoever you want it to be, and I find that really empowering.

We all do this to some extent. It is the minority who will take and upload a selfie when they don’t feel like they look good and we tend not to make public the issues in our relationships and what’s really going on under the perfect facade. Taking control of the you that’s on social media is powerful, it tells a story, and – honestly – it’s art. Who cares if it’s not entirely honest?

That girl is me, just not all the time. And the real me is one that I get to share with the people closest to me.

3 thoughts on “thoughts on affectation and social media identity 

  1. Yes girl!!! I loved reading this:) Becoming a content creator has really opened my eyes to the interesting world of social media and what others infer when we put our lives on display. All of the photos i post are such a small part of the big picture, but manages to create such a solid identity, which is cool as hell as you’ve mentioned. I love that you are so transparent and open about this sort of thing, keep killing it girl 🙌🏻🙌🏻


  2. Yes – this! I’m still not very good at curating my Instagram down to perfectly shot flat lays (or really any) but I’m not about to judge anyone that can. More power to you. We are all selective about the ‘me’ that we show on social media – I like that people choose to show a creative ‘styled’ version, that’s the bit that we want to see – not the reality, the over-spilling laundry basket or messy dressing table (just me…??) 🙂


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