the dreaded motivation slump and how to get out of it

My mum says motivation comes from action. If you’ve hung around me for more than five minutes you’ve probably heard that exact sentence come from me at least once. And with mothers day looming ever closer, it’s time to take a moment to appreciate that motherly wisdom for what it is. Mum, you’re totally right.

But what does that actually mean?

Well, we all know what a motivation slump is. You know those days when going to the gym just seems too hard so you skip it and then the next day you get too busy so you skip it and then you haven’t been for two days so you feel guilty so you skip it and that one day turns into a week and then somehow that week turns into a month… and then because you haven’t been in so long, it’s too hard to find the motivation to go back. That, my friends, is a motivation slump.

And it happens with all things, not just your training. Think back to any project that started off so exciting (blogging, a reading challenge, doing up your own furniture – whatever!) and remember that point where it starts to get difficult or you get a bit bored and so you take a tiny break… how much harder was it to pick back up? Did you manage to pick it back up at all?

Now that we’ve clarified we’re all on the same page, we all know what a motivation slump is, how do you get out of it? Let’s ask mum:

“Motivation comes from action.” – My Mum

Basically, just… just do it. It’s not going to be easy the first time. It probably won’t even be easy the second time. But once you’ve got momentum, it’ll be so much easier than it was at the start. A rocket uses more fuel in take-off than it’ll use for the rest of the flight and human motivation is the same.

Tick, tock!

You’re also never going to feel like doing it. So if you’re waiting to suddenly have the desire to get started, you’re either going to be waiting a long time or literally forever. And while you’re waiting you could have got so much further. So start right now. Seriously. Click out of this blog post, schedule whatever it is you need to do in your calendar, and stick to that.

Come back here when you’ve done it, and tell me in the comments how it went.


One thought on “the dreaded motivation slump and how to get out of it

  1. I’ve always hated going to the gym. Where I used to live we had a stinky old gym, where you didn’t get any explanation on how everything works. So I stopped going after a couple of times. When a gym opened in my little village, where I’ve now moved into, I just went. And I’m going times per week ever since. I don’t particularly like training, but I do feel much better. And that was my motivation in the first place :). xoxo Sarah


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