getting inspired: the 2017 mood board 

Let’s do this pseudo-deep tumblr-girl style and skip the small talk and head straight to the deep questions: What do you want to get out of 2017? Who do you want to be in 2017?

Motivation is hard – trust me, I’m a personal trainer. But once you have inspiration, it’s so much easier. Trying to be motivated without inspiration is like shopping without a list: you have no idea what you’re getting or if you’re picking up the right things because (to be honest) you don’t even know what you’re cooking tonight, you’re just kind of hoping it turns out okay.

So one of my favourite ways to get inspired for the new year is to create a mood board/inspiration board/vision board – whatever you want to call it. There are heaps of different ways to create them: step one is to find pictures or things that inspire you. You can find them on the internet (pinterest and instagram are great places for this) or from magazines. Step two is to put them all in one place. Stick them on a big piece of paper or cardboard, to your wall, on a pinboard. Or you can create a virtual mood board on pinterest.

2017 pinterest mood board

So put on your mom jeans, get your craft glue and your paper scissors. We’re collagin’.

My 2017 mood board

Last year I had a combination of print outs and magazine cut outs, pictures of people I admired, decor and prints I liked, nail polishes I liked. This year, since my printer is broken, I just flicked through a bunch of magazines and cut out pictures that appealed to me.

The important thing is just to think about what inspires you. Which images make you happy? What colours appeal to you? What do you want to change this year?
Mood boards for inspo:

Jasmine Dowling’s mood board

Jasmine Dowling

Colour: Think about colours you like, perhaps colours you wear a lot or would like to wear more. What colours would you like to decorate your home with? What colours make you happy?

Erin Hiemstra’s photoshoot mood board

Erin Hiemstra – Apt. 34

Pegboard or pinboard (or old fashioned bluetack and a wall!): These are cool because you can have it up on a wall where you can be reminded of it every day, but it’s also really easy to move things around and add and subtract as your inspiration evolves.

Silkie’s January mood board

Silkie from Rosehip Cards – original post here

Texture: Don’t feel limited to pictures for your mood board. Silkie makes beautiful cards and paper products so texture and colour are featured strongly in her mood board. You can use fabric, ribbons, dried flowers, anything that inspires you. 

Idols: I like to put pictures of people who inspire me on my mood board. I’ll also put up pictures of people in my life who I want to spend more time with in 2017 and other women with hot bods for gym inspo. That kind of thing.

Krystal’s 2017 goals mood board

Krystal – simple_girly_blog

Goals: What do you want to achieve this year? My dad’s wife made a really cool mood board one year that had her cut up credit card glued onto it because she wanted to pay off her credit card debt that year. It also had a magazine cut out of a beach in Rarotonga because she wanted to go on a holiday.

There’s no wrong way to put together a mood board, just find things that inspire you and put them all together. Having them all in one place where you can see them and remind yourself of what inspires you can be a great way to focus on what you want out of life. What would you guys put on your mood boards? I’d love to see!

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