five basic rules for good selfie-esteem

You know what really annoys me? When I’m looking at someone’s selfie on Instagram, thinking about how beautiful they are, then I read the caption and it says something like “excuse my eyebrows”. Immediately my eyes fly back up the picture and, sure enough, the eyebrows are unplucked or messy. The reason this annoys me isn’t because I have something against messy eyebrows, but because I never would have noticed the imperfection had it not been pointed out to me.

You guys have probably seen this, and maybe even done it yourself. I can totally understand it, too. When you’re feeling a bit self conscious about the volcano of a zit growing on your chin it’s kind of a defense mechanism to point it out before anyone else can. That way, you own it. If anybody else says “wow look at that pimple!” you can be like “I know, I already mentioned it.” But the thing is… nobody would have mentioned it. Chances are, nobody would have even noticed it. But if you bring it up yourself, they definitely will.

This is a nice picture, right? It got over 200 likes on Instagram, so I’m guessing it must be. Now I’m going to take one for the team and point out a few things: first, my unplucked eyebrows. Second, the pimples on my forehead. And third, the light dusting of hair on my upper lip. Go ahead, look again. Do you see these things now? But be honest, did you see them before I pointed them out?

Here are my five basic rules for having good selfie-esteem:

  1. Do not point out your flaws or make excuses.
  2. Stop captioning them “shameless selfie”, because if you truly felt no shame you wouldn’t feel the need to say that.
  3. Don’t worry about getting likes. They don’t mean anything and it doesn’t change how beautiful you are. Share the picture because you like it, not because you want other people to.
  4. Focus on your good features. Focus on the stuff you like about yourself, not the stuff you don’t like.
  5. Don’t delete it after you’ve posted it. Be confident, stand by your selfie.

Another thing to remember is that for every good selfie, there’s about 50 awful ones. Nobody is actually as perfect as they look on the Internet. 

Do you guys have any tips for feeling more confident about your selfies? Leave me a comment! xx

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