how to rock athleisure/sport luxe beauty

When something becomes fashionable, it’s often hard to imagine a time when it wasn’t in. Athleisure, for example. Once upon a time, unless you were an actual “sporty girl” or on your way to or from training, you just didn’t go out in your gym gear. I used to go to the gym with my shorts and tank top hidden under a bright red coat and I certainly never went to class or to the shops in my gym clothes. But now? It’s pretty hard to leave the house without seeing someone in sneakers and leggings. They might be about to work out, they may have just come from a spin class, or – more likely – they’re just popping down to the shops or meeting a friend for coffee and exercise is the furthest thing from their mind. 

So, now that we’ve all accepted that sports casual is a way of life, let’s move on to what really matters: how to look hot while doing it.

BASE: I love a full face of makeup as much as the next person, but with this kind of look you need – need – to make it look natural. So, in other words, please make sure your foundation shade matches and don’t go heavy on your contour. Go for more of a fresh, dewy look rather than a heavy matte look. If you have perfect skin and don’t need foundation, move on – there’s nothing to see here. Products: Benefit “Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow!” foundationGarnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

GLOW: If you want that “just stepped out of a spin class” sheen, you might be tempted to reach for something with a really strong highlight and, y’know, pack it on. But the trick to this look is to make it natural looking – keep people guessing, is it sweat or is it highlight? Brush it softly only onto the high points of your face and keep your third eye matte. Products: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder3CE Back To Baby Glow Beam 

EYES: There is a difference between sports luxe beauty and no makeup makeup: the latter is supposed to look like you just popped out of the womb with flawless skin and eyebrows, the former gives you a bit more wiggle room. While this is no time for glitter lids and carved out cut creases, you can basically do whatever you want as long as your palette is neutral. You want to look healthy and awake, so a good waterproof mascara (in case you decide to put those sweet Nike kicks to use and actually exercise) and a generous helping of inner corner highlight are your best friends. Even rock a wing, if you feel like it. Live your life. Products: Eyeko Sport Waterproof MascaraUrban Decay Naked Basics eyeshadow paletteManicare eyelash curler

LIPS: I don’t think I even need to tell you that, for this look, a bold lip isn’t appropriate. But this is where you also want to take a step away from the nude matte liquid lipsticks, or basically anything matte and heavy. Balms are your friend. So are nude glosses, or even a glossy finish MLBB lipstick. Products: MOR Lip MacaronColourpop Lippie Stix in Skimpy (it’s very pale so would only work for fair girls but the finish is gorgeous), Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in any of the nude shades

BROWS: We all know already that blocky, carved out, ‘instagram” brows are out and soft, natural brows are in. The same rule applies here. Keep it simple. Products: Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning PrimerBenefit Gimme Brow Volumising Brow GelBenefit Ready, Set, BROW! clear brow gel

So there you have it! You’re now all set to hang out in your gym gear while looking super hot – without the stark mismatch between your face and your outfit. Should you decide you actually do want to exercise and you’d like to know what that’s doing to your skin, I’ve written a guide here, but at the end of the day your face isn’t anyone’s business but your own.

As always, this blog post is entirely my own opinion and I do not represent anyone or anything. Nobody paid me to write this post and everything I have written here I believe to be true. Please buy me a kitten. 

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