my NZ anastasia beverly hills haul and review

Following on my theme from the last post (my experience with Colourpop), this is for my kiwi girls sleeping on full carts at because… girl, I see you. I see you crying inside when you see the shipping total. I see you settling for the scant selection at or Beauty Bay. I’m here to tell you it’s okay, you can feel the fear and click purchase anyway.

Again, this post will be broken down into sections so you can just read the parts that interest you. 

How much did I spend and what did I get for it? I spent US$107.95 which was NZ$160.02 and I ordered the So Hollywood illuminator, Pure Hollywood liquid lipstick and the Modern Renaissance palette. They actually screwed up my order and sent me a contour kit (which is worth an extra US$10) instead of the illuminator but they quickly fixed that. I just sent them an email explaining the mix up and without even getting a reply, like the next day I had a shipping confirmation email saying my illuminator was on the way. I didn’t even have to send back the contour kit, so I basically got that for free. It was awesome.

How much was shipping and how quick was it? It was US$17.95 which equals NZ $25.63 which is pretty spensy BUT it arrived in less than a week which is awesome for international shipping especially over the holiday period. It also included tracking and y’all better believe I sat there refreshing the page waiting for my package. Of course, I did have to wait an extra 4 days (I know, tough life) to get the illuminator I ordered. But… y’know, free contour kit.

How was it packaged? It was really securely packaged up in a small cardboard box completely filled with shredded paper. There was no way anything was getting broken in there. Even the illuminator came in the same size box, kind of over kill and a bit of a waste, but if you have a pet that has a litter box it could be useful? 

But wait, why didn’t you just order from Sephora or Beauty Bay? Well, I really, really wanted the Modern Renaissance palette and at the time, Sephora was out of stock (as it always is) and Beauty Bay didn’t even have it listed. For one thing, Beauty Bay takes about a month to get your product to you. ABH took less than a week. And neither of them sell the lipsticks AND they didn’t have So Hollywood. Also, I’ve had Sephora send me a damaged product and instead of sending me a replacement and letting me keep the damaged/incorrect product they expected me to send it back – which is totally normal but a complete pain and ABH was happy to just send me a replacement and let me keep the contour kit. Win for ABH.

Modern Renaissance price comparison for the three sites: – NZ$75.00

Beauty Bay – £41.00/ NZ$71.75 – US$42/NZ$59.98

I think if you’re only gonna buy the one thing, and it’s actually in stock, you’d be better to buy it on because they do free shipping for orders $75 and above, but if you’re ordering a couple of things the $25ish shipping disappears into the mix plus you can get all the products and shades you’re after and shipping is SO QUICK.

Would I recommend and would I purchase again? Yes, absolutely. Super quick shipping and the full range available. You just have to be able to look past the shipping fee. I probably wouldn’t purchase again until they had something I really wanted, though. 

As always, this post is entirely my own opinion and I do not represent anyone or anything. Nobody paid me to write this post and everything I have written here I believe to be true.

2 thoughts on “my NZ anastasia beverly hills haul and review

  1. I totally know the feeling of seeing a launch and having to wait like, what half a year… The Anastasia pallet has been on the website for months now, but is still not in stock sigh… So when I saw the Sweet Peach pallet, I immediately ordered it! Can’t wait for this Anastasia pallet to be available… xoxo Sarah


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