my NZ colourpop haul and review 

I think I speak for all NZ girls when I say we have been missing out for far too long. I mean, we’ve all been there… filling our carts, selecting international shipping… then laughing at the total and closing the tab. In all seriousness, for the cost of shipping to little old New Zealand, you could probably get another mascara or a lipstick  or something. So when I found out that Colourpop was doing free international shipping over $50, I immediately warmed to the brand.

(This post is broken down into sections so you can just read the stuff you care about. I got you, boo.) 

How much did I spend and what did I get for it? US$50 is still like over NZ$70 (at the time of writing this post, anyway) so I had to fully commit and ended up spending just shy of NZ$85 and I got three lipsticks, two lip pencils and seven eyeshadows. I think that’s pretty good value.

How was it packaged? I was actually really surprised at how nice everything was. It all came in a well packed cardboard box with lots of foamy packing stuff to protect everything. There was the little handwritten note just like what I’ve seen on everyone else’s instagram posts, slightly disappointed to discover they aren’t actually handwritten but only slightly. There was also a little information booklet telling you about the products and how best to use them.

The individual products:

I got a kit set called Party Trick with 6 eyeshadows and I was kind of expecting the eyeshadows to be rattling around in a flimsy cardboard box but they came secured inside a sturdy box with a magnetic close and a good sized mirror. It came with four metallics, one pearlized shadow and one satin luxe. You can see the box is a little bit crumpled in the middle but other than that it is a very sturdy box, comparable to the Cargo Cosmetics palette boxes. 

Party Trick swatches

As for the eyeshadows themselves, I was honestly expecting pressed powder (because that’s what they look like in photos) and what I got was a whole bunch of moussey cream shadows pressed into a little coin, encased in a tub that screws open and closed like a lip gloss. Because it’s like, a cream type product you are better off using your fingers to tap it on which I actually don’t like because I feel like you can’t be as precise, but you can use a flat synthetic brush it’s just not going to give you as much colour pay off. They’re really blendable with a brush once on your eyes, which is a positive. All in all, I absolutely love them. They are so shiny and glittery and sparkly on my eyelids that sometimes I need to sit down and just breathe for a minute in case I get overwhelmed.

Party Trick

One of the eyeshadows, Valley Girl, came kinda crumpled up inside the little tub and when I opened it, the whole thing just fell out into my hand. Eek. But I just patted it back inside and now I’m super careful every time I open it. I don’t think this happened in transit, I think it just wasn’t secured into the tub properly. 

Broken Valley Girl

As for the lipsticks, I picked two Lippie Stix and their matching lip pencils and one Ultra Matte Lip
The Lippie Stix are great, I got Nevermind (a dark purple with a matte finish) and Skimpy (a pale nude with a glossy finish). They both smell amazing, like vanilla, only thing is that the Lippie Pencil in Skimpy is a couple shades darker than the Lippie Stix in Skimpy. Nevermind seems pretty consistent across both products.

LAX is just beautiful. Before we go any further, let me state for the record that I absolutely hate matte liquid lipsticks. I’ve tried em all: Australis, Limecrime, ABH, Gerard Cosmetics, La Splash, Stila… I just hate them. They look gorgeous for the first couple of minutes and then you start to feel like you have a thick, heavy coat of dry skin on your lips and God forbid you eat anything or its a whole different disaster. But this one… it was just so comfortable. It’s a lot darker than the deep red it appears in the tube and in the swatch pictured above. I did notice that it wore off the inside of my lips (as all lipsticks do) and left behind a hot pink lip stain which wasn’t unpleasant? But looked pretty stark next to the deep, red black of the lipstick. That and when I went to wash it off, it left behind that shocking pink which would be pretty neat if you suit hot pink but unfortunately I do not so I had to scrub pretty hard to get it off.

Party Trick on the eyes and LAX on the lips

I also got an eyeshadow called Tassel, I haven’t got any pictures of it but it’s perfect. Individually, the tub came in a little box.

The packaging of all of it (bar the Ultra Matte Lip) is white plastic with silver holographic writing on it. It’s kinda teenagerish when you compare it to say, the sleek gold and black Chanel bullets. The Lippie Stix are longer and slenderererer than a traditional bullet lipstick. The Ultra Matte Lip is sleek and has a clear bottle and a silver top, it looks more grown up than the rest.

How long did it take to get to New Zealand? Honestly, it was way quicker than I thought it would be. I got free tracking, another huge bonus, and I got to watch on a little map as it journeyed across the sea. I think there was a bit of delay with my order because I ordered on the 29th of December and obviously the holidays slowed things down a bit but it still got to me by the 7th of January, which is impressive for an international order. I think if you ordered not around the holidays it would get to you even quicker, but I obviously can’t say for sure.

Would I recommend Colourpop and will I order again? Yes and yes. Pray for my bank account.

As always, this blog post is entirely my own opinion. Nobody paid me to write this post and everything I have written here, I believe to be true. Please buy me a kitten. 

7 thoughts on “my NZ colourpop haul and review 

  1. Hi Michelle, great review!! I also like Colourpop a lot. The shimmer and glitter are out of this world. I don’t like the fact they’re in a pot though, because when in a rush in the morning, I prefer grabbing a pallet. I love their lippiestix! Even the sheer formulas are pretty opaque!!! Btw, if you like a matt formula that doesn’t dry out the lips, I’d definitely recommend the Maybelline Vivid Matt Liquids. They’re not 100% matt, but they look and feel great! xoxo Sarah

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