huda beauty textured shadows palette – rose gold edition

The thing about this palette is that I never knew I needed it, or even wanted it, until it was available in my country and I missed out on buying it. There’s a lot of beautiful makeup it’s just about impossible to get in New Zealand and eventually you start convincing yourself that you don’t even want it. Like oh, another rose gold palette? seen it all before, no thank you… right up until announces they’re gonna start selling it. Ears pricked, heart starts racing, fingers poised over add to cart. But no luck. By 8:09am, it had sold out.

So when I went to Sydney on a holiday the following week and happened to stumble upon a well stocked Sephora..? Well, I bought that palette as quick as a flash. Nobody was getting in my way.

The palette is an eye catching mix of matte eyeshadows and metallic foiled eyeshadow with two pretty shimmery shades. The packaging is nice, it comes with a plastic sleeve with her signature close up of her eyes. The box itself simple and sleek, and has a little window where the mirror would normally be. I’m usually a sucker for over the top packaging but I like this because the focus is on the product and not the pretty box it comes in. Hands up if you’ve ever bought something because you liked the packaging but the product was a dud! *hand shoots up in the air*

First thing I’ll talk about are the matte shades. I love the shade bae as a base to set my eyeshadow primer, and bossy and maneater are just absolutely gorgeous. The box describes them as “deep matte”. They do all have really good colour pay off even if they don’t swatch particularly well, they go on a lot smoother to the eyelid than they do on your arm. But they’re all really quick to blend out flawlessly, with next to no effort they just smooth right out. UNLESS you keep blending after it looks okay. I have found you need to be very light handed with your brush or the shadows kind of gather in little patches and become impossible to blend out, so my advice would be to blend quickly and softly.

Bottom row swatches

The shimmery shades, which are referred to on the box as “pressed pearls” are absolutely gorgeous. They’re iridescent and beautiful and soft. There are only two (angelic and moon dust) and I think there should have been more because of how lovely and easy to use they are, and maybe less of the patchy mattes. 

Middle row swatches

Now for the foil shades (3D metal, according to the box) that everyone’s talking about. I think these are the focal point of the palette because they’re so different to anything you’ll find in other eyeshadow palettes. They’ve got a kind of sticky feel to them, which I suppose is what stops them from flaking all over your face. You don’t need to use any kind of primer or serum to stick it to your face but you’ll get best results if you pat it on with your fingertips. This means you get less precision with application and if you’re doing makeup on a client who is a bit funny with you using your fingers on their face it’s just not going to work. Good luck trying to get it to stick to a brush because it just won’t, I’ve tried. I, like everyone else, was immediately drawn to rose gold and trust fund, but fling and dubai are so very pretty and kind of finer so I found them a bit easier to put on.

The colour range is really good. It’s a complete palette with base, transition and definition shades, and then metal feature shades on top of that. All the colours work beautifully together. I can see this being useful for a range of different looks, you could do something subtle with it and also something extravagant so it’s quite versatile.

Shadows used: suede as a transition shade, coco and maneater in my crease, rose gold all over lid. I’m also wearing Huda Beauty lashes in #16 Camille

It is quite expensive, at NZ$101 it’s at the higher end of the spectrum. I think for that price, the mattes should blend flawlessly no matter what. You should be able to use the foils with a brush and not just your fingers. It should also come with higher quality packaging, not just cardboard with a plastic window. But it is a fun palette to use with on trend colours, if you have green or blue eyes this palette will compliment and make your eye colour absolutely pop.

What are your thoughts on the rose gold trend? Do you think it’ll fade into the background much like nude palettes did? And what trends do you think will be next? 

And, as always, this blog post is entirely my own opinion. Nobody paid me to write this and I do not represent anyone or anything. I paid full price for this product.

6 thoughts on “huda beauty textured shadows palette – rose gold edition

    1. They are something else! I haven’t seen textured shimmers like this since the old school profusion palettes, although these have next to no fall out and profusion certainly couldn’t boast that hahaha

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