revlon sculpt + highlight contour kit review

Ah, Chloe Morello. Not only is she a drop dead gorgeous Leighton Meester lookalike, but she also knows her stuff when it comes to contour kits. The latest release from Revlon is this fantastic contour kit in collaboration with Chloe Morello – and oh my, I am obsessed. 

I was sent both light/medium and medium/tan and I decided to truly road test them by not just wearing it myself, but by taking them along to a fashion show I worked on yesterday so I could see them on a range of different skin types and shades. The kits each come with four powders: a banana (pale yellow) powder for brightening under the eyes, a matte bronzer, a cooler contour shade and a shimmery highlight.

Soft contour using light/medium

My first impression was that they were blendable and easy to work with, and the powders are really soft and fine. I liked that the bronzer was matte, I think it’s better for contouring as obviously you’re trying to add depth which you can’t do with a shimmer. The highlight was really nice, in natural light it absolutely popped but indoors it was very subtle which is how I prefer it.

Close up of the highlight in indirect light

I mostly used the light/medium kit as the majority of the models for the show were fair skinned and I thought that the kit was universally flattering. The two darker girls were still on the lighter side and the medium/tan kit worked perfectly but I can’t help but feel that perhaps both of these kits were designed with white people in mind. My only criticism for these is that there could be a darker one, but since I didn’t get to try the medium/tan on anyone with very dark skin I can’t say for sure that it wouldn’t work as well.

Makeup by me, hair by Jordan Cooke, model (Kris) from Portfolio models

The kits are being launched on the 1st of November and the RRP is $28.90, considering how good this product is I think that is an absolute steal. I would definitely recommend these contour kits as I think they’re just fab.

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