thoughts on being a slashie

When I was a kid, I found this article (I think in one of my mums FQ magazines) about “the generation of slashies” or something along those lines. It wasn’t a particularly relevant article to me, considering I would have been around ten at the time, but the idea interested me anyway.

The idea of being a slashie is basically that you have multiple careers/interests. And because there are so many slashes between your titles, the term slashie was adopted. For example, Cara Delevingne is a model slash actor slash musician. Dita Von Teese is *deep breath* a dancer slash model slash costume designer slash author slash fashion/lingerie designer slash actress slash love of my life.

I suppose if it’s as simple as having more than one job, many of us have been slashies at some point in our lives – between 19 and 20 I worked two minimum wage jobs to pay the bills (barista slash DVD store attendant) and then I started studying while working (receptionist slash student). But in my head, a slashie job has to also be an interest. Paying the bills is optional.

I’m a slashie. I realised it the other day when I was applying makeup to another woman’s face in exchange for money. I’m not just a makeup enthusiast now, I’m a makeup artist. Which makes me a personal trainer slash makeup artist.

I was asked by a few people when I finished my makeup qualification “are you going to go and be a makeup artist instead of PT?” and the little girl from the Old El Paso ad popped into my head. Why don’t we have both? Setting up multiple streams of income in this day and age is simply a smart thing to do, as more and more jobs are changing and industries are being dismantled. Think about DVDs – the store I worked in has been closed down, that industry is dead. Why waste time and effort physically going to the DVD store if you can go online and stream basically unlimited options for free? If you put all of your eggs in one basket, with changing technologies there is no guarantee that you will still have that basket in ten years time. In fact, it’s unlikely that even personal training will be the same in ten years time. You have to adapt, grow and be prepared.

But the real reason I’m happy to identify with the term slashie is because why not have it all? I’m interested in both things. Why shouldn’t I do both? I’m a smart, capable person who can run two businesses at once. Long gone are the days of men being the breadwinners and the women staying at home. Long gone are the days of acceptable jobs for women being limited to secretary or school teacher. I have interests, I have passions, and I’m going to make them careers. Just watch me.

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