jam hands/the body shop strawberry hand cream

As a personal trainer, not only is it my job to touch sweaty people but unfortunately the equipment I’m constantly touching happens to be unbelievably germy also. Truly. Gym equipment has been found to have 362 times the bacteria you would find on a toilet seat. Because of this, I wash my hands with soap and hot water after every client and, of course, after my own work outs. Sadly, this winter, the skin on my hands has gone from being soft and smooth to dry and cracked. I have used heaps of hand creams to combat this – generally just opting for whatever smells the best, knowing I’m not regular enough with my application for it to have a real benefit.

But about a week ago, I left the gym after doing a work out and headed to the mall with my friend. I had washed my hands before leaving the gym and my poor, dry hands were sore. So I stopped by the beauty section to grab a free sample of some hand cream, not intending to actually buy any, I had just wanted a quick fix to soothe my skin. 

This is when I discovered the body shop’s strawberry hand cream. The smell was incredible. It wasn’t like the fake strawberry scent you get in kids shampoos or the syrup for milkshakes. As it’s made with cold pressed strawberry seed oil, the smell was more real – a bit like home made strawberry jam. You know, the kind with the whole strawberries in it. I bought it on the spot. Then, as I walked to my car and on the drive home, I realised how beautifully potent the scent is. It’s like wearing strawberry perfume.

And, amazingly, after application the dry flakiness of my hands disappeared. I have to keep applying it when I wash my hands, but it’s the only hand cream that I have ever used that made an immediate, visible difference. Which is awesome for somebody like me who’s not good at regular application. It’s absorbed very quickly so it’s not greasy feeling in the slightest. It just leaves you with delicious smelling jam hands and skin as smooth as a baby’s butt.

As for price, it cost me NZ$13.50 for a 30ml tube. You don’t need a lot when applying, a little goes a long way with this stuff, but it does come in a 100ml for $25.50 as well. It’s no tub of budget hand cream, but it’s perfectly purse sized and delivers on quality.

I got mine from Farmers but you can get it from the body shop, either on their website or in store. It comes in heaps of different scents also, I’m just totally obsessed with having ham hands.

As always, this post is entirely my own opinion and I do not represent anyone or anything. I purchased this product myself and my review is completely honest. 

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