elizabeth arden prismatic bronzing powder review

Welcome spring -the season where girls and boys all over the hemisphere start dousing themselves in fake tan and bronzer to hide the fact that we spent all winter under a blanket watching Stranger Things on Netflix. Personally, I have never been a bronzer person. I actually won this on the radio, I heard the presenter say call now to win free makeup and naturally all I heard was makeup and my ears pricked up and I pounced on the phone and when he said “congratulations you’ve won a bronzer” my heart sank a little. Having always been a Dita Von Teese fangirl, pale and ghostly is my go-to. The realm of bronzers isn’t necessarily somewhere I’m comfortable. Because of this, I never would have tried this product let alone bought it for myself.

But then it arrived. It came in the most beautiful shiny packaging, like satin ribbons of pink and purple and orange and gold. The compact itself was immediately appealing, flat and round and shiny with the same pattern from the box. The compact is rose gold coloured plastic but it feels heavy and substantial to hold.  It came with a little brush which is, well, pretty standard, kinda crap quality for what usually comes with a compact. I threw it away. It was cute and gold but the bristles weren’t tapered and didn’t feel soft. The powder cake has a gorgeous sort of woven pattern with a few different shades, some deeper and some lighter and some have a little more shimmer in them.

As for the product itself, the “prismatic” part was the hero of the story. It’s not like a heavy metallic bronzer or a shimmery powder/illuminator. It has very fine gold light reflecting pigments that kind of pick up the light and throw it back at you without looking like chunky glitter on the face. It was also a very fine, soft powder. I have the shade Warm Bronze 01 which is the lighter of the two shades available, but because I’m quite pale it’s very easy for a bronzer to look too much on me too quickly. But since this is so soft and buildable, it was absolutely perfect on me.

When it comes to price point, you can get this for $69 at an Elizabeth Arden counter. Considering the quality of the product I think this is a fair price, even though I’m not a bronzer kinda girl. Now that I’ve tried it I actually probably would buy it for myself if I didn’t own it. This is limited edition for spring 2016 but it’s been available since July 4th on counter. Not entirely sure how much longer it’ll be available for but definitely worth picking up if you’re in the market for a bronzer.

As always, this post is entirely my own opinion and I do not represent anyone or anything. I received this product as a prize however my opinion of the product is unbiased and honest.

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