revlon super lustrous lipsticks review

The way I have always felt about Revlon is it’s kind of like an old piece of furniture your parents had when you were a kid, it’s been around for your entire life and you probably don’t ever think about it. Especially since there’s more exciting brands with cute packaging and innovative products and Revlon is still over there doin’ it’s thing, the same thing it’s been doing since forever ago. Also, being in New Zealand, Revlon makeup (which isn’t considered high end) is quite expensive. So you can see why it would be easy to overlook them – but you absolutely shouldn’t and I can give you one really good reason why not: that reason is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick.

Basically, as far as lipsticks go, you can’t go wrong with these. They’re a staple. They’re a classic, having been around for seven decades. They come in 82 shades and a range of finishes; you can get pearl, crème, matte and sheer. They feel comfortable on the lips – they’re not sticky or heavy or drying. They also wear well and don’t bleed too much but you would do better with a lipliner. They’re not food proof but they stay well throughout drinking and talking. They’d be good for a coffee date or for work but you may need to reapply after lunch. They don’t seem to have a scent at all, personally I like the smell of the Revlon Ultra HD lipsticks but not everyone is into sickly sweet scents like I am.

As for price point, they’re not too bad – Farmers has them for $25.99 and Life Pharmacy has them for $23.50. I got sent a few by, they sell them for $12.95 which is the best price I’ve found so far.

Oh, and the tube looks cute and classic too. I have always loved black and gold.

As always, this post is entirely my own honest opinion and I do not represent anyone or anything. I was sent some of these products for free however my opinion of the product is still completely honest.

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