essence I love stage eyeshadow base

A modern tale of heartbreak: I had been using Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion for an entire year, I got my mum to bring it back from Chicago in June 2015 and it was love at first sight. But since Urban Decay is so hard to get in New Zealand, our relationship was doomed. By June 2016 I was squeezing desperate blobs of product from the depths of the tube and I finally had to accept the relationship was over and short of sending my mother back to Chicago or paying exorbitant prices to have it sent from the states, there was no rekindling our love. So I put it to my Instagram fam, who can recommend a new eyeshadow primer? I was ready to love again. My gorgeous friend Kate was the one who set us up, but I had to make the first move. I eyed it up in Farmers, trying to think of a good pick up line. Eventually I just let my money do the talking and I took it home on the first date.

My first impression was that it was a little dark and yellow for my skin tone, but it blended in really easily and once covered with eyeshadow the yellow had disappeared. It also didn’t smell particularly strongly of anything. It’s not thick and heavy like paint pots, nor is it thin and kind of oily like Lorac Behind The Scenes, but somewhere in the middle. I guess, you could say, like the Urban Decay primer (hey, I have a type). I decided to test it out by putting it on only one eyelid and then covering both eyes with a matte brown Too Faced eyeshadow. It was definitely easier to blend on the eye with the primer, and by the end of the night the eyeshadow had gathered in the crease of my lid without the primer but was still pristine on the other. So that was a huge tick from me.

But then I read a few reviews from other people saying that they didn’t think it brightened the eyeshadow, and I have to say I disagree. It was hard to tell with the matte brown so I applied some to my arm and finger swatched an Urban Decay blue and a Revlon shimmery purple so I could test it for myself. I definitely felt that it grabbed the shadow better and the colour was more vibrant on the side with the primer.  

Left swatches have no primer, right swatches are with primer

As for price point, it was somewhere around NZ$5.90 (couldn’t find it on the website to confirm sorry!) from Farmers so yeah. A cheap date but she ticks all the boxes.

As always, this post is entirely my own honest opinion and I do not represent anyone or anything. 

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