beauty school dropout single eyeshadows review

Being a makeup obsessed girl in New Zealand is kind of like being locked out of a restaurant serving delicious food when you’re starving. With your nose pressed to the glass, you can look in and watch people enjoying themselves but you just can’t get in there yourself. By the time the dinner service is over and you get let in, the food is cold and everyone else is already moving onto the next thing. 

What I mean by this overly complicated analogy is that we have access to social media and we can watch everyone in the states get excited about new products but by the time it’s available in New Zealand, nobody cares anymore.

This is why I am super excited about this review because Beauty School Dropout is a New Zealand beauty company which means not only is it supporting our growing beauty industry but it’s also served up fresh for us kiwi girls before the rest of the world, if they get it at all. 

I received 9 shadows and a Z palette from their Instagram giveaway but was planning on buying a few anyway because at only  $8.50 per pan, these shadows are a steal. 

(L-R) Baby Doll, Mud Cake, Wight Street, Unknown, Blaze, Tea Anyone?, GG, Hot Choc, Night Sky

First of all, check out that pigmentation. The second shade to the right, Mud Cake, is unbelievably soft and velvety and buttery. It actually feels like a cream shadow. And Wight Street, third to the right, appears shimmery white but on the skin has a gorgeous gold sheen. Probably the only shades I’d give a miss would be Blaze (purely because I don’t know if I’ll ever wear metallic orange, the shade itself is pigmented and intense and fantastic) and Hot Choc as it’s a lovely matte but really not as pigmented or blendable as the other shades.

The pans come inside individual little plastic cases which are actually closable, so if you don’t have a Z palette or anything to keep it in you can still seal it up and pop it away in your makeup collection – it just may not live long jumbled around in a makeup bag or if you’re travelling.

All in all, I think they’re a fantastic little treasure – high quality and pigmented like there’s no tomorrow. They don’t test on animals which is a huge tick. A little steep to go for a palettes worth as 9 shadows and a small Z palette comes to just under NZ$100 (and let’s be honest, you could get a higher end product for that) but individually these shadows are fantastic. Your collection absolutely needs the buttery, almost-creamlike goodness that is Mud Cake, you definitely need Tea Anyone? and your brow bone can’t live without Wight Street.
As always, while I received these products for free that does not change the honesty of my review, they were not sent to me for review, nobody paid me to write this and I do not represent anyone or anything.

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