the hype is real! benefit ka brow review 

So you guys have probably all seen this bad boy all over social media already since Benefit has been taunting us poor Kiwis since May, but it comes out in New Zealand next month and I am suuuper excited. I sweet talked a Bene babe (one of the perks of working at the biggest gym in the country is you’re bound to bump into a member anywhere you go) and managed to hustle a sample of the new Ka Brow cream gel pomade. I got the colours 3 and 4 which are the medium/darker ones and I used both.

First impression was that the product was really smooth and picked up onto the brush really well. After having struggled with some rock hard pomades in the past I was pleasantly surprised. But the superstar feature of this baby was how buildable it was! I like my brows pretty dark toward the tail and arch but a gentle fade towards the middle. Unfortunately I am fighting an uphill battle. I have touched on this before but due to the fact that I had tweezers in high school (if I had a time machine…) my eyebrows are crazy sparse toward the tail, and to make matters worse I have a freckle right in the middle of my brow that makes them look like I haven’t blended properly. But this product was so easy to build up colour where I needed it and not where I didn’t need it, and so easy to blend it actually made the whole process so damn quick.
I topped it with Gimme Brow which I already had but I wanted to see if it had changed at all with the new packaging: it hasn’t. So you guys can rest easy if (like me) you already have a pretty full gimme brow but need to know if it’s new and improved.

It dries pretty quick and this is fantastic because it means it’s not gonna move around on your face. This is especially important for me as a daily exerciser because I don’t always wanna redo my makeup after a work out (don’t judge, but if I didn’t sweat too much and if I smell okay, I will just get changed and go back to work unshowered).

I’d say the only thing I didn’t like about it was the brush was a little too thick to be drawing on little hairs, I’d probably still use my Too Faced brow brush, but if you’ve got nice thick brows you should be okay. It’s us recovering pluckers that need to be careful.

I also love the packaging. I only got sample sizes but I’ve seen the full size products online and they absolutely nailed it (as Benefit always does). I love the magician theme, it’s so creative and fun.

And without further ado, here’s the before and after…

So you can see I don’t actually have a lot to work with in the tail department but you gotta make do with what you’ve got and with this product… there is hope for me. *cue dramatic exit music*

As always this post is entirely my own opinion, nobody paid me to write this and I do not represent anyone or anything.

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