mymakeupbrushset oval brush set HONEST review


I don’t really know how to start this. I got sent these brushes for free by a rep who found my Instagram. The email went like this:

Hi There!

We recently stumbled upon your Instagram page and we love it!

We’re from the company MyMakeupBrush and we were wondering if you’d be interested in collaborating with us.

I was pretty excited because who doesn’t love free stuff? And I don’t have an abnormally large following on my Instagram so it felt kinda cool to be noticed like that. So I responded with an enthusiastic yes please! and went about my day. It wasn’t until later on that I went on their Instagram and discovered that A: they didn’t even follow me and B: that they send free brushes to just about everyone, and I mean everyone. A quick Google search pulled up a lot of reviews, and all of them were glowing. I am immediately sceptical of reviews that are 100% positive especially if the reviewer has a discount code and was sent the product for free. (Quick note: by the way, you do not get any kind of compensation when people use your discount code for mymakeupbrushset, you just get a code for shits n giggles)
So I’m here, in my cape and spandex, to save the day with a 100% honest review.

In the set, you get 10 brushes. They range in size and shape but mostly they look like a cross between a very soft toothbrush and the mirror the dentist uses. They arrived in a black velvet drawstring bag with MY BRUSH SET printed on the side, each brush was inside a little plastic baggy but that was the extent of the packaging. My first impression was that the colour was very pretty – they’re a lovely copper/rose gold situation with a black plastic handle. They’re densely packed, very soft synthetic hairs, but they were rather misshapen and I had hoped that this was just due to being stuffed inside a bag for postage and with a wash they’d come right but no such luck. I washed em, laid em out straight, and they dried back in this shape.



The other initial thought was “these feel cheap”. The handles are completely plastic, super light weight, but the bristles are dense and heavy so they’re extremely unbalanced and you don’t feel like you have good control with the handle. The necks of the bigger brushes move and creak like they’re gonna snap. Not to mention one of the brushes actually came with a crack in the handle…


There wasn’t a lot of shedding but you could tell that the hairs had been cut after being attached because there were lots of hairs that were twice as long and had clearly been laying flat when they were trimmed and escaped the beheading.


Then of course there was the washing. There’s no ferrule type situation happening here. I wasn’t sure how they were gonna handle being washed because getting the attachment point wet was inevitable but they did okay and we didn’t lose a lot of hair. The only problem was that they took an absolute lifetime to dry.

And now for performance. I tried. I really did. I used that big ol’ brush I was kinda excited about for my foundation because I had these grand ideas of it smoothly blending out my skin and making me look photoshopped. That didn’t happen. This did:


It just moved the foundation around. No matter how hard I tried, no matter how long I spent blending… those dense, synthetic hairs just picked up my foundation and moved it around my face. I ended up giving up and grabbing my beauty blender.
The smaller, sort of egg shaped concealer brush did okay. It’s not as dense as the foundation brush and I used it to buff out my under eye concealer and I was pretty impressed.
The liner brush was too thick to use for liner and also mine came misshapen (pictured up there) but I attempted to use it on my brows and managed about half the brow before I gave up and reached for my Real Techniques eyebrow brush.

Out of 10 brushes I’d probably only use about 4 of them again. If you want a cheap set of brushes you can go to mymakeupbrushset and buy the set I got for NZ$56.60 or you can get an identical set here without the kinda tacky logo printed on the handle for a whopping NZ$21.71. OR you could save yourself the drama and get a higher quality brush set. Goss says you can skimp on makeup but a cheap brush will make even high end makeup look cheap.

The funny part about all of this is since my initial email from the rep, I have had not one, not two, not even three but seven identical emails from different reps offering me a free brush set in exchange for Instagram promotion. Three of these were after I’d received my brushes and actually posted on my Instagram about receiving them. Hmmm. I’m not even emailing them back at this stage. What do you guys think?

4 thoughts on “mymakeupbrushset oval brush set HONEST review

  1. Have seen these brushes being posted everywhere and was starting to think they were some form of miracle to the beauty world!!
    Can say I’ll be passing even though I am weak for rose gold anything!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You don’t need em in your life! They aren’t even good as decoration because the head of the bigger brushes are so heavy they flop straight out of the cup.


  2. They’re sending a set to me too, and another one that’s 7 brushes in the normal style, hopefully they turn out okay! I must admit I thought it was strange of a brand to contact me as I’m hardly an internet sensation 🤔x


    1. Yeah they asked to send me the Hera set as well! They’re identical to the real techniques metal collection, here’s hoping they’re better than these!

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