simple age resisting night cream review

IMG_20160612_161023.jpgI am only twenty two years old and time has not yet taken its cruel toll on my skin but I read somewhere that you should start using anti-aging skin products in your twenties because if you wait until you have a problem, it’s already too late. Somewhat like slapping blemish prevention cleansers on top of an already formed zit in the hopes that it will miraculously cure it and of course it never does (I know we’re all guilty of this, don’t even try to deny it). So I found this night cream at the supermarket and since I’d always enjoyed Simple products as I have very sensitive skin and it was even on special, I thought I couldn’t go wrong. I’ve used this every night for the last two weeks so I would be able to give a proper honest review.

First impression was that it was a nice, light moisturiser and not heavy and thick like a lot of night creams can be. It was non-greasy and applied easily. The bottle promised it would be suitable for use around the eye area so I slathered it on eagerly, then toddled off to join my boyfriend in bed. He kisses me on the cheek. Then he sniffs. “You smell funny” he declares. And it’s true. I’m a member of the team Sensitive Skin and I’m pretty used to the smell of non-scented skin care products, but this was something else. Right from the moment the cream left the bottle there was this vinegary smell a bit like cardboard that had been soaked in vinegar, and it didn’t go away once absorbed into the skin. It was not pleasant. After a few nights I started using my Benefit It’s Potent eye cream on top of this one because a) I love that stuff and b) I love the smell and I’d hoped it would cover the vinegar cardboard.

The other thing is, over the two weeks I trialled this stuff I noticed my makeup wasn’t applying super smoothly because I had a rough, dry patch of skin right on my cheek where I usually get dermatitis break outs. I think that because this cream is quite light it might not be enough for somebody with skin as dry as mine. If you have normal to oily skin, this should be fine. But I had to start layering on another moisturiser and then a few hours later applying the night cream just before bed.

As for wrinkles, absolutely can confirm I am still young and fresh looking. I have not aged spectacularly in the last two weeks.

In conclusion, I was not super into this stuff. The smell got to me. When I hop into bed at night I do not want my boyfriend thinking about salt and vinegar chips. I also need something a bit stronger and more moisturising. It may work for you, but personally I will be switching back to my Olay and Benefit routine and continuing to not smoke cigarettes. Also considering bathing in the blood of virgins, whatever keeps me looking young and fresh. xo

P.S. This blog post is entirely my own opinion, nobody paid me to write this and I do not represent anyone or anything

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