morphe 8 piece candy apple red brush set review


I got this brush set for no real reason other than it was cute and I wanted it. I mean, why not? These brushes are so beautiful and soft and the handles are a gorgeous, retro Vespa red. They look beautiful even just as decoration. They came in pretty cheap packaging which was just a sealed plastic bag, no fancy box or pouch, but they did come with the most gorgeous brush roll. It’s a beautiful bright red, sturdy feeling faux leather case with proper little clasps to do it up with so it’s perfect for travelling. It’s about the size of a clutch purse or wee bit bigger than a large wallet so I could definitely see myself taking this bad boy on trips as it’s not super bulky. The price point was pretty good – they only cost NZ$26.50 which is another huge tick for these brushes. I’ve been using them for about two weeks now and they’ve been washed a couple times so I wanted to do an honest review of how they’ve held up, and I have to say I am impressed.

As for the brushes themselves, the quality amazed me. I genuinely think these brushes are worth more than they cost. I’m gonna break the brushes down individually for you, starting at the top of the picture above and working my way down…

  1. Tapered powder brush: this big, fluffy, comforting powder brush is soft like a cat. I have used this for both my powder foundation and my setting powder. It’s honestly so lovely and soft, I hate brushes that feel like they’re pricking your face and this beauty is super textured around the body of the brush so it really picks up the powder in the cuticle of the hairs but it tapers to a really smooth tip. 10/10 for this brush, although it did shed a tiny bit in the initial wash but it didn’t shed at all once dry and I didn’t notice any shedding in the second wash.
  2. Tapered blush brush: I like to use this gorgeous soft brush for a light contour as I don’t believe any blush brush will ever take the place of my Body Shop blusher brush. Personally, I believe that contour should be so light and natural that you can’t tell it’s there. I’m super not into heavy drag contour, especially during the day. This brush is absolutely perfect for dusting contour powder lightly under the cheekbones and the Goldilocks density (not too much, not too little, just right!) it makes it easy to build the colour up while blending out.
  3. Flat foundation brush: This is a flat, synthetic brush that you use kind of like a paint brush to apply liquid foundation. Now, I don’t actually wear liquid foundation and on the rare occasion that I do, I use a damp beauty blender because it gives such a natural finish. But for the purpose of reviewing I did give this brush a whirl to see how it would perform and I liked it plenty but not enough to switch from my beauty blender. It did exactly what it was supposed to do which was buff out my foundation and it gave a pretty nice, streak-free finish.
  4. Oval fluff brush: I literally have used this brush every day since I got it. I’m in love… I’m a girl obsessed! It’s so soft and fluffy and beautiful! The sides of this brush are flat and I use it every day to apply my base eyeshadow all over the lid and then I buff it out with the fluffy tip. It’s flat enough to pat eyeshadow on but it’s fluffy enough to blend it out. This is a perfect all-rounder.
  5. Chisel fluff brush: This baby is your perfect crease blending brush. It’s thin and pointy shape is absolutely fantastic for getting right into your crease with your eyes open while also being soft enough to blend everything out and not leave any harsh edges. It’s just a damn good blending brush.
  6. Pointed crease brush: This does what it’s supposed to – it’s a small, round crease brush perfect for carving out a crease on your eyelid. It’s similar to/looks like a pencil brush but a little bit softer and fluffier to the touch. I also like this brush for smoking out colour under the lower lash line.
  7. Angle liner brush: I haven’t used this brush for liner because I don’t do gel liner, it’s too fiddly and I’m too impatient. I use good old fashioned liquid liner with the dip-pot and the felt tip brush because it’s so easy to get a sharp point and it just glides on the lid. But I did use this brush to apply my eyebrow product and I liked it enough. It’s not as fine or as sharp as my Too Faced brow brush so it fell a little short there but it’s still a good angle liner brush. If you saturate the bristles they stick together more and you can get a finer line.
  8. Bent liner brush: I like how fine the bristles are, and the convenient bend makes it super easy to around your eye shape. If I was gonna make the switch to gel liner I would definitely use this brush but as stated above I’m pretty happy with my Revlon liquid liner.


  • Cost: Awesome. Worth more.
  • Appearance: Sooo pretty.
  • Softness: 100% softness. Like a cat.
  • Performance: Good for the purpose intended and more.
  • Packaging: Good for the cost – a nice box or something would have made it a little more luxurious but the brush roll is awesome and at the very least it was packaged securely.
  • Quality: Professional level. Tiny bit of shedding in the first wash but that’s normal. Breathe.
  • Do you need ’em? I’d say yes, you do. Just do it. I’ve stated before that I don’t like to buy brush set as I end up with double ups of brushes I’ll never use (like liquid liner brushes…) but this brush set is so cheap, even if there were only two or three usable brushes in the set it’d still be worth it.

You can get these brushes on the Morphe website for NZ$21.60 but I got mine on Beauty Bay for $26.50 as they do free shipping to New Zealand for orders over AU$30 (NZ$32.15).


P.S. This blog post is entirely my own opinion, nobody paid me to write this and I do not represent anyone or anything.

2 thoughts on “morphe 8 piece candy apple red brush set review

  1. Morphe brushes are on my wish list, I never buy makeup stuff because I NEED it, but I keep WANTING other makeup before brushes so they keep getting pushed down the list… One day though!!


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