come at me, brow: my top eyebrow products

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I wanted to start by saying I am a self-confessed brow addict. I have gone from from having literally the worst eyebrows to having some furry slugs I can actually be proud of – and it’s all with the help of a few little friends. So without further ado… my top seven eyebrow products – in order:


  1. My number one eyebrow product, the product I reach for every day without fail, is my Gerard Cosmetics Brow Bar To Go. It’s not expensive (I got mine for NZ$28.84) considering what you get which is a brow gel and two eyebrow powder shades. I have ebony and I find the lighter shade perfect for during the day or when my hair colour has faded (I dye black but am a mousey brown naturally) and a blend of the two shades for night time or when I have a freshly coloured mop. The reason that I love it is because it’s so damn easy to use – you just smear the product on and it almost always looks perfect. I use my Real Techniques eyebrow brush that came in a set which I’ll link here because it’s nice and thick and flat and you can really quickly get the brow gel to smooth down the hairs and then using the same brush I just cover my brows in the powder, before taking a smaller brush and underlining and filling in the tail. It’s really nice and blendable and looks totally natural which is what I love about it. It’s also very forgiving if you make a mistake as you can just take a cotton tip and smudge it off. The only thing that I don’t like about this product is it isn’t as long wearing as it could be, the thicker part of the brow will stay on fine but the tail is likely to get smudged so you need to set it with a firmer brow gel as well.
  2. Number two, which was my number one for so, so, so long, is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. I LOVE this stuff. It’s richly pigmented, blendable, long wearing. It sits around the same price point as the Brow Bar To Go (I got mine for about NZ$25 when the American dollar wasn’t so bonkers but you can get it for NZ$28.11). This stuff is like a brow perfecter. It’s not as forgiving as the Brow Bar To Go and it takes a bit longer to apply which is why it’s taken second place, but when I don’t have an early start or if I’m going out at night, I always use this. It also dries quite hard onto your brush and makes it impossible to use if you don’t wash your brush straight away whereas the Brow Bar To Go I can reuse the brush every day for a week without having to spot clean it, which is another reason why it’s not great for before my 6:30am clients.
  3. I got talked into buying Benefit Gimme Brow by one of the cute girls at the Benefit counter and I am honestly so glad. It’s a tinted brow gel that you paint on with a mini mascara wand type spooly that uses fibres to bond to the hair and you can build up a really natural texture so it’s perfect for no-makeup-makeup and it’s also perfect for setting your brows after filling them in with another product if you don’t want them to shift. I use it every day to make my brows look more like hairs and less like one solid block of dark brown. It is more expensive at NZ$45 but it’s perfect for setting your brows and cementing them down so the hairs ain’t going nowhere. If I only have 5 minutes to get ready, I reach for this – it tricks people into thinking I’ve got perfect eyebrows without any product… 😉 It also smells faintly of honey which is always pleasant at 5:30 in the morning.
  4. I got Benefit Brow Zings as a gift from my mama, it’s only $32 from Sephora and it’s pretty decent. It comes with a tinted, waxy brow gel and a powder, so it’s similar to the Brow Bar To Go except the gel is stiffer and a little harder to work with. It’s definitely longer wearing. It also comes with a wee pair of tweezers and two eyebrow brushes – one angled and one flat. I don’t use any of this stuff because the handles are so teeny tiny, but I could see it being useful for travelling. I found that it dried up over time but a quick blast with the hairdryer sets it straight in no time.
  5. Too Faced Bulletproof Brows is a waxy, tinted brow gel that you paint on similarly to ABH Dipbrow Pomade, however they are around the same price and you get twice as much product in the ABH. It goes on pretty smoothly but it dries very quickly so you have to work quickly to get it blended right, whereas the ABH is more liquid-y and less waxy and gives you a little more time to get it right. It’s incredibly long wearing and I love the packaging (I’m a sucker for black and gold), especially love the little brush – it’s an angled liner on one end and a spooly on the other and I use it every day for my Brow Bar To Go and Dipbrow Pomade. I have heard from others that it dries out really quickly, and this is typical of waxy gel products, but if you blast it with your hair dryer every couple of days it melts up a little and applies smoothly. I got mine from the states when my mum went there a few months ago and I don’t think you can get it in NZ but I’ll link it here anyway – it’s pretty expensive, NZ$44.71 and that’s not even including shipping.
  6. Okay so I got the e.l.f Studio Eyebrow Kit from Kmart for something like $10 forever ago, I don’t love it but it definitely has its place in my kit. It comes with a gel and a brow powder very similar to the Brow Bar To Go except the gel is tinted and the powder is lighter than the gel. I used to use just the gel under my ABH Dipbrow to make it a little more blendable but I never really used the powder because it was too light for me (and I bought the darkest one…). The price point is definitely very friendly at NZ$11 from and if I didn’t have Brow Bar To Go I’d probably still be using it.
  7. Last but not least, the final puzzle piece, is good old MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow in Espresso which is a dark, matte brown. I think pretty much all of us started somewhere around here. You can pretty much use any eyeshadow to fill in your brows as long as the colour works for you, you can also dampen your brush to get a stronger line. It’s forgiving. It’s blendable. It’s affordable (or, it can be!). It looks more natural than a pencil and if you set it with a brow gel it can be really longwearing. I rarely use eyeshadow for my eyebrows anymore but this was my go-to for over a year so it definitely has its place on this list. I got it for about $45 from the MAC store at the mall but like I said, any eyeshadow that suits your hair colour will work.

So there you have it! My top seven eyebrow products. Now for something to give you a little hope that no matter how bad your eyebrows are, with a little patience and some top notch products, you too can go from “snake brows” to #browgamestrong…


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