bella brushes 32 piece set review

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I got my Bella brushes two years ago and it is sadly no longer the complete set as I did give away a few that I wasn’t using but I bought them for something like $25 on a sale website and there were absolutely no reviews except one on youtube that was so glowing I thought for sure it must have been paid… you know what I mean? So last night when I was washing my brushes I realised that two years down the track these babies are still going strong – and in fact are among my favourite brushes – so I thought I should probably write a review.

The packaging wasn’t the worlds most amazing. I see now that they come in a box with the company logo on it but when I ordered mine in May 2014, they just came wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped again in cardboard. They came with a pleather brush roll which I actually did use for a little bit but the material was very cheap and plastic feeling. Also there was no button or clasp to do the roll up (you instead had to tie it up with these weird sort of pleather shoe laces attached to the side) which was inconvenient so I ended up biffing it out.

The handle of these brushes is wooden and I found that after a few weeks the wood had some small cracks in it. This might be from poor washing skills, I had only recently discovered actually cleaning my brushes at this stage and it is possible that some water had got into the handle and bloated the wood. But they didn’t deteriorate and it was only superficial – you couldn’t feel the cracks and the handle still felt comfortable to hold. The ferrule is stuck strong, zero wobbles. It discoloured the tiniest amount after a few washes but again, purely superficial and didn’t affect the performance of the brush.

The bristles themselves are so unbelievably soft! You have no idea. And they’ve stayed soft after two years of daily use and weekly cleaning  with budget brush cleaner (read: antibacterial hand soap). There was no shedding whatsoever, even now when I wash them nothing comes free. I’ve come to expect a hair or two to come free the first time you wash them but not these bad boys. The blending brushes (it came with a couple!) are fluffier and softer than the Real Techniques eyeshadow blending brush. All of the powder/blush/face brushes are fantastic, I absolutely love all the smaller angled brushes for liner and brows and touch ups. The only brushes I wasn’t a fan of were the eyebrow/eyelash brush/comby thing and the spooly which were awesome to begin with but after a few months of use the comb lost a few teeth and then the head of the brush snapped off the handle, and the spooly also came free from the handle.


  • Cost: Awesome, especially if you can get it on sale like I did.
  • Softness: Fluffy bunny level softness, you guys.
  • Performance: Does everything it should do and some.
  • Packaging: 4 out of 10. At least the brush roll didn’t smell like plastic.
  • Quality: With the exception of the spooly and the eyelash comby thing, all these brushes are still going strong after 2 years of near constant use.
  • Do you need ’em? If it’s your first brush set – yes, yes, YES. Generally as a rule I only buy single brushes so I don’t end up with doubles of brushes I don’t need. But this set is a complete set and has everything you need and is not expensive!

You can buy these brushes from the Bella Brushes website but I got mine from NZSale for no more than $30 – keep an eye out for sales! If you’re Australian you can get them from CatchOfTheDay for $29.99 (but I don’t know if they ship worldwide).


P.S. This blog post is entirely my own opinion, nobody paid me to write this and I do not represent anyone or anything.

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